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Kara. I'm 21. I'm a raver, a geek, a fan girl. And a huge EDM fan, so there's that... it's safe to assume that 90% of the time, I'm either listening to Kaskade or 30 Seconds to Mars. I love to read, rave, rinse, repeat. I want a lot from my life, and while I'm not quite sure what that is, I'm sure that I'm having a pretty good time trying to get there. These are the things that I like, and things that Happen to me!
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    Hey guys! 

    So I got the opportunity to (rush) see Struck By Lightning, and I loved it. But while I was in the Rush line, a guy from the movie crew, or whatever, was going through the line, passing out these sunglasses, and asking us all to vote for SBL to get the Audience Award. I didn’t open them, as it was 9pm, and I felt no need.

    I live in New York, and since I got to see the film, I thought I’d give away the sunglasses! They’re still unopened, and I’ll ship them anywhere. 

    So, the Rules, as per Tumblr’s new giveaway policy:

    1. Tumblr has no association with this giveaway. Neither does SBL, or any of its affiliates. 
    2. I am not making any money off of this. (In fact, since I’m going to pay for the shipping, I’ll actually be losing money)
    3. This is directed towards US residents only, as that is my country of residence. 
    4. Can’t ask for likes, reblogs, (or follows, even though I wasn’t going to anyway) So I think the only way to enter now would be to send me a message, or fanmail or whatever. So just go to and let me know if you’d like to enter. 
    5. But share this post with friends or whoever if you think they’d like to enter. 
    6. Winner will be chosen randomly on Friday, April 27, 2012, since a) that’s the next screening date of SBL, and b) it’s my birthday! 

    Sorry about all that ^^^ but I good luck!!!!

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      So just a repost so ppl can see this. I’ll be choosing the winner at 9PM EST.